Independent global specialist in Trust, Corporate and Fund services


ZEDRA is an independent global specialist in Trust, Corporate and Fund services.

Our vision is shaped by the past, present and future: a legacy of solid foundations, local knowledge and expertise; the boldness to take on today's global challenges in an ever-evolving regulatory environment; and the fresh ambition to Do More. Achieve More.

Since our origination, the HR team has been working closely with the Executive Board to cultivate a work environment that attracts and retains the best talent in the industry. We are proud of our diverse employee make-up, with a wide range of nationalities represented across the firm.

“At ZEDRA we embrace an entrepreneurial spirit where employees are encouraged to see beyond their determined role and participate in a wide range of opportunities,” says Astrud Lotz, Head of Human Resources. “We focus on providing a wide range of technical and practical support to all employees at every level”.

ZEDRA recognises the need to develop and expand an employee’s skill-set and encourages career growth, as well as supports a social culture too, with a local social event programme across each office that celebrates the companies’ inclusive culture.

Astrud continues: “We firmly believe that people are our greatest asset, and that a happy and content workforce produces the best quality work and ideas which ultimately benefit our clients”.

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Niels Nielsen

Co-founder of ZEDRA, founder of Azure Trust in Jersey, a former executive director of Azure Hotels and the Chairman of Tuxedo Money Solutions, Niels also holds a number of non-executive board positions.

Niels is an experienced financier, having worked in Mergers & Acquisitions, Sales, Investment and Asset Management at various companies including Credit Suisse First Boston, Union Investment Real Estate AG and Smith Barney – in London, Hamburg and New York since 1995.

Niels holds an MBA from Yale School of Management and a BA in Economics from Brown University.

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